Garázsvásárokon előkerült bizarr “csodák” :D :D

Megjött a szép idő, mindenki elkezdi a ház körüli munkákat, beleértve a lomtalanítást is. Sokak a mostanában divatossá vált értékesítési formát választják, a garázsvásárt. Ezeken a helyeken bukkanhatunk a legelképesztőbb, legviccesebb dolgokra. Íme néhány ezek közül.. 😀 😀




Goodwill Really Paid Off Today

Lost Track Of My 2-Year-Old At A Garage Sale. Turned Around And Saw

I Bought A Painting For $6 At Goodwill Today. How Did I Do?

My Friend Found This In A Thrift Store In Taiwan

Found At Brunswick Goodwill In Brunswick, OH

Best Thrift Store Find Ever. Only $1.99!

I Found A Coffee Mug Decorated With A Penguin Orgy. I Didn't Notice It Was A Penguin Orgy Until I Got Home, I Just Saw Penguins And Grabbed It

By Far, The Best Thing I've Ever Found At Goodwill

A Worker At Goodwill Thought The Artist Was Trying To Paint A Monkey And Its Baby. I See Something Else

"Sometimes At Work Donators Will Just Leave Items Outside Without Ringing The Bell" - Unnerved Goodwill Employee

I Spent 50p On A New Friend

Found This Painting At The Salvation Army Yesterday. Buy It I Did

Found At Savers In The Chicago Suburbs And I Wanna Die

Alien Vs Predator

Found These In Someone’s Desk At An Estate Sale I Worked. It’s Not Even Like It Was Their Cat, The Pics Were Very Obviously Printed Off The Internet. Literally Everything Was Up For Grabs So They Now Hang In My Kitchen

Saw This At A Local Thrift Store, So Tempting To Buy It

Was Thrift Shopping And I Found This Extremely Cursed Item. If You Sit On This It Teleports You Straight To Hell

Thrifted This From The Goodwill Bins. Arguably The Best Thing I’ve Found At The Thrift Store

A Trip To The Local Flea Market Never Disappoints





Play That Funky Baby, White Boy

Kill It With Fire
As If Coffee Didn't Make You Want To Sh*t Enough Already. My New Favorite Mug

Give Me A Kiss

Baby (Its Head Was Sticky)

Don't Talk To Me Unless These Are The Only Hangers In Your Closet

So I Went To A New Thrift Store Yesterday And Found This. $8

“Get In The Godamned Ship! Everythings On A Cob! The Whole Planet’s On A Cob!”

Newest Addition To My Creepy Thrift Collection





Seashell Bear... Absolutely Hexed Item
Business Casual At New Philadelphia, Ohio Goodwill

I Mean I... I Guess It’s Supposed To Be Cute?

The Here We Never Knew We Needed

This Mermaid Has Seen Some Things

Thrift Store Find, What The Hell

Why Would Anybody Get Rid Of This?

I Call This One “Sexy Goodwill Horse Clock”

The Duck Sphere Requires Sacrifices

I Would Be Proud To Win This Award





Thrift Store Gold

Interesting Doll At A Thriftstore

I Forgot That I Found Stone Cold Goku At Goodwill

A Television Remote

Classy Thrift Store Art

That Would've Been The End Of My Thrift Store Fun

That Is One Dapper Mother-Ducker